San Francisco Chronicle


At a recent art show, Victoria Tullman went piece to piece and artist to artist until she found something that moved her enough to take it home. She claimed two color etchings, but no money changed hands... (click here for entire article)

San Jose Mercury News


Sometimes a piece of art speaks – nay, sings — to your soul, so you plunk down a month’s salary in a gallery and take it home and, well … that dramatic abstract with swaths of orange, red and pink totally hits a sour note with your chartreuse shag rug and sets your soul’s teeth on edge.... (click here for entire article)

Oakland Magazine

Membership means you can have original art in your home without having to own it outright. Instead, try it on for size and then purchase it or swap it out for a new piece....(click here for entire article)


KTVU FOX Channel 2

If you've ever thought about buying a piece of high-end artwork for your house but just couldn't afford it, this idea may be just for you. A unique new gallery in Oakland will let you borrow pieces of art for a monthly fee of just $20...(click here for video)