Art Library: It's a

library, but instead

of books, its art!

It's a new concept in the Bay Area, located beneath the floors of the Trending Inn in downtown Oakland, CA. We've all been to a library, become a member and checked out books for reading, studying, or just to be entertained. The great thing about borrowing from a library is you don't have to fork over the cost of the book, and you bring it back when you are done. What if you could do the same thing with a piece of art? 

Now you can.


The Oakland Art Library has opened with its first event on April 18, 2019. On the 3rd Thursday of each month the library will open its doors again to those who RSVP here (on the left sidebar) for FREE. Each library event will include music, drinks, community, and of course.. lots of art. We feature around 30 different artists from all around the SF Bay Area and by becoming a member, you can take a piece of art home to enjoy. Bring it back within the next 3 events and check out another piece.


Interested in becoming a member? Visit our membership page or see the FAQ's for more info.