What is an art library?

It's just like a conventional library, but instead of borrowing books you borrow art.


Why would I want to borrow art?

It's a great way to bring an art piece to your home and try it out before you buy it. It's also a great way to enjoy a piece for some time, and then switch it out with something new!


How do I become a member of the Oakland Art Library?

Come to an event and register!  357 12th St. under the Trending Inn.  Memberships are only $20 a month. You may also register here on our website.


When are events?

Every Third Thursday of the month. 7 - 9 pm.


What comes with membership?  

Members get to borrow a piece of art every month, or may borrow one piece for up to 3 months. Memberships also include an official Oakland Art Library hat. 


How does it work when you want to borrow a piece of art?

You tell us which piece you want, we will wrap it for you and bring it to your car/ride.  You can borrow 1 piece at a time for up to three months, after which it is the member's responsibility to bring back the art to the Library. Members are held liable for any damage or theft to the art once leaving the Library. 


Can you buy the art?  

Absolutely! If you borrow art and realize you just can't live without it, we put you in direct contact with the artist so the two of you can make a deal. The Art Library does not take any commission or fee from the artist.